Wolverine and Deadpool vol.6 #2

On sale: Thursday 11th July 2019, £4.99

76 pages of Marvel’s toughest heroes! Three great stories! 

The X-Men find the resurrected Wolverine – but this isn't going to be a happy reunion! by Charles Soule & Declan Shalvey!  

Plus: X-23 and Gabby uncover the horrifying plan of the Stepford Cuckoos – just a little too late! More intrigue from Mariko Tamaki & Juann Cabal!  

Also: Deadpool heads back to Wakanda to tackle the Black Panther! By Daniel Kibblesmith & Ricardo Lopez Ortiz! 

Featuring material first printed in Return of Wolverine #3, X-23 #2 and Black Panther vs Deadpool #2. 

Issue Number: 2
Price: £4.99
On sale: Thursday 11th July 2019

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Wolverine and Deadpool vol.6 #2