Wolverine and Deadpool vol.6 #1

On sale: Thursday 13th June 2019, £4.99

100-page special! Three new adventures! 

A new volume begins, and a familiar face returns! The original Wolverine is back from the dead – but how?! The secret is revealed by Charles Soule, Steve McNiven & Declan Shalvey!  

Laura Kinney becomes X-23 once again as she and Gabby investigate the mysterious Stepford Cuckoos! By Mariko Tamaki & Juann Cabal! 

Deadpool takes on the Black Panther in Wakanda! Need we say more? By Daniel Kibblesmith & Ricardo Lopez Ortiz! 

Featuring material first published in Return of Wolverine #1-2, X-23 #1 and Black Panther vs Deadpool #1. 

Issue Number: 1
Price: £4.99
On sale: Thursday 13th June 2019

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Wolverine and Deadpool vol.6 #1