Marvel Legends vol.4 #13

On sale Thursday 20th June 2019, £4.99

Awesome 100-page special starring Marvel’s Big 3! 

Thor is back and battling Juggernaut! But without Mjolnir is he truly the God of Thunder?! By Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo. 

Plus, classic action! We ask, “What if Jane Foster had found the hammer of Thor?!” By Don Glut and Rick Hoberg. 

Also, Tony Stark's smarter brother returns! By Dan Slott, Max Dunbar and Gang-Hyuk Lim. 

Lastly, Jack Rogers versus the Red Skull! 'nuff said! By Mark Waid and Chris Samnee. 

Reprinting material from Thor #1 What If…? #10, Tony Stark: Iron Man #5 and Captain America #703.

Issue Number: 13
Price: £4.99
On sale: 20th June 2019

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Marvel Legends vol.4 #13