Doctor Who Magazine #548

On sale 6th February 2020, £5.99

Sacha Dhawan on The Return of The Master

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has an exclusive, in-depth interview with Sacha Dhawan. 

Other highlights include: 

  • A choice of collectable covers, one featuring Sacha Dhawan and one featuring Jodie Whittaker. 
  • Exclusive previews of the final four episodes of Series 12. 
  • The latest Production Notes from showrunner Chris Chibnall. 
  • A report from the filming of Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror at the Nu Boyana Film Studios in Bulgaria. 
  • An exclusive interview with Robert Glenister, who played Thomas Edison in Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror. 
  • A tribute to the 1960s writer and story editor Donald Tosh. 
  • Peter Purves shares his memories of Donald Tosh. 
  • The director of Doctor Who and the Silurians, Timothy Combe, looks back on its production. 
  • Remembering the late Doctor Who comic-strip artist Bill Mevin. 
  • Updates on Doctor Who luminaries, past and present, with new feature Time and Space Visualiser. 
  • Public Image looks at how Doctor Who is doing in the TV ratings. 
  • The Fact of Fiction continues its epic exploration of The Daleks’ Master Plan. 
  • The final part of Mistress of Chaos, a new comic-strip adventure featuring the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends. 
  • Reviews of the Series 5 Blu-ray Steelbook and Sophie Aldred’s novel At Childhood’s End. 
  • Big Finish previews and reviews, news, prize-winning competitions, The Blogs of Doom and much more! 

On sale Thursday 6 February 2020 
£5.99 (UK)

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Doctor Who Magazine #548

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