Doctor Who Magazine #539 - Deluxe Edition

On sale 30th May 2019, £9.99

DWM 539 is also available as a strictly limited Deluxe Edition! 

Exclusive to WH Smith and store.panini.co.uk, priced £9.99. In addition to the latest issue of DWM, the Deluxe Edition includes:

  • An exclusive vinyl EP featuring rare and bonus tracks from The Evil of the Daleks.
  • A 28-page supplement about the making of the Thirteenth Doctor’s episodes, packed full of new information and previously unseen pictures.
  • Downloads from BBC Audio and Big Finish.
  • A Doctor Who bookmark. 
    ...and more!

DWM 539 is bundled with the Deluxe Edition and includes the following content:

  • The latest Production Notes from showrunner Chris Chibnall.
  • Former Doctor David Tennant discusses Jodie Whittaker. 
    Howard Burden recalls designing costumes for three different Doctors.
  • The second part of a candid interview with 1980s script editor Eric Saward.
  • What topped the DWM season poll? We reveal the results!
  • We talk to the team behind the Blu-ray special edition of 1973’s Planet of the Daleks.
  • The Fact of Fiction explores the 2005 story The Long Game.
  • Eric Saward previews his novelisations of Resurrection and Revelation of the Daleks.
  • Is Doctor Who a kids’ show? The Time Team decides.
  • How to recreate the Second Doctor’s ‘cosmic hobo’ style.
  • The final part of Herald of Madness, a comic strip adventure featuring the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends.
  • The Blogs of Doom, audio reviews, previews, news, prize-winning competitions and much, much more!

DWM 539 Deluxe Edition is on sale from 30 May 2019, exclusive to WH Smith and store.panini.co.uk, priced £9.99.

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Doctor Who Magazine #539 Deluxe Edition

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