Doctor Who Magazine #535

On sale 7 February 2019, £5.99

Doctor Who Magazine 535 includes:

  • Resolution's director Wayne Yip tells DWM how he brought the 2019 New Year's Day Dalek story to life
  • An exclusive preview of the 'Doctor Who: The Collection - Season 18' Blu-ray box set - and a look behind Logopolis' new digital makeover
  • An exclusive interview with Season 18’s script editor Christopher H Bidmead
  • DWM investigates the story of the 1960s Doctor Who audio recordings which were discovered in a skip at the end of 2018
  • A visit to one of the Doctor Who escape rooms which are opening across the UK
  • An interview with Feifei Ruan, the artist commissioned to create Chinese-inspired Doctor Who artwork for Shanghai Comic Con
  • Part One of 'Herald of Madness', a brand-new comic strip adventure featuring the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends
  • The Time Team watches 2006's Love & Monsters and explores what it means to be a Doctor Who fan
  • The Fact of Fiction delves into the 1980 Fourth Doctor story Full Circle
  • An in-depth look at how Resolution performed in the ratings
  • The Blogs of Doom, reviews, previews, news, prize-winning competitions and much, much more!

On sale 7 February 2019, price £5.99

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Doctor Who Magazine #535

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