Deadpool Unleashed vol.2 #12

On sale 2nd April 2020, £4.50

Deadpool is Marvel’s hottest hero! 

A brand-new era of Deadpool madness begins! Deadpool accepts a job offer to kill a monster on Staten Island, little realising that it will lead to him becoming... King of the Monsters! By Kelly Thompson & Chris Bachalo! 
Plus: more outer space mayhem with the Deadpool Corps! Deadpool and Lady Deadpool take on some alien uglies and the Champion too! By Victor Gischler & Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld! 

Featuring material first published in Deadpool #1 and Deadpool Corps #1-2. 

Issue Number: 12
Price: £4.50
On sale: Thursday 2nd April 2020

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Deadpool Unleashed vol.2 #12