Deadpool Unleashed vol.2 #8

On sale 12th December 2019, £4.99

76 pages of Marvel’s hottest hero! 

It's our Christmas special! How are we celebrating? With a death-match between Deadpool and Santa Claus, of course! By Skottie Young & Nic Klein!

Deadpool infiltrates the sinister Gorgon organisation in ‘Secret Agent Deadpool’! By Christopher Hastings & Salva Espin!

Are you ready for Dogpool?! By Victor Gischler & Phillip Bond!

Featuring material first printed in Deadpool #7, Prelude to Deadpool Corps #3 & Secret Agent Deadpool #4.

Issue Number: 8
Price: £4.99
On sale: Thursday 12th December 2019

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Deadpool Unleashed vol.2 #8