Astonishing Spider-Man vol.7 #37

On sale Thursday 26th September 2019, £4.99

76 action-packed pages of arachnid adventure! 

Is this the end of Peter Parker and Spider-Man?! Plus, Strom’s army of Tri-Sentinels attack! By Nick Spencer & Ryan Ottley!

Plus, Edge of Spider-Geddon continues! SP//dr and Peni Parker are back and must battle M.O.R.B.I.U.S.! But who is VE#m?! By Lonnie Nadler, Zac Thompson, Gerard Way & Alberto Jiménez!

Also, the origin of Spider-Pete and Spider-Ben is revealed! By Jason Latour & Tonči Zonjič! 

Reprinting material from Amazing Spider-Man #5 & Edge of Spider-Geddon #2-3. 

Issue Number: 37
Price: £4.99
On sale: Thursday 26th September 2019
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Astonishing Spider-Man vol.7 #37