Astonishing Spider-Man vol.7 #31

On sale Thursday 4th July 2019, £4.99

100-Page Special!

Go Down Swinging, Dan Slott’s FINAL story arc, concludes! 

Brace yourselves, for the Red Goblin’s ultimate revenge on Spider-Man! The final battle begins and somebody dies! By Dan Slott, Nick Bradshaw, Humberto Ramos, Guiseppe Camuncoli & Stuart Immonen! 

Plus, Spidey and Deapoool are trapped in the belly of a man-eating plant! By Robbie Thompson and Matt Horak! 

Venomized continues! The Poisons make their move! By Cullen Bunn and Iban Soria! 

Also, classic action as the wall-crawler battles Mysterio! By Stan Lee, John Romita Sr. and Don Heck! 

Reprinting material from Amazing Spider-Man #800, Spider-Man/Deadpool #39, Venomized #2 and Amazing Spider-Man #66. 

Issue Number: 31
Price: £4.99
On sale: Thursday 4th July 2019
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Astonishing Spider-Man vol.7 #31