The Essential Doctor Who #15: Relative Dimensions

On sale 21st February 2019, £9.99

Doctor Who’s creators envisaged a series that would go forwards, backwards and sideways in time. The Doctor’s trips to parallel universes and alternative dimensions have provided the show with some of its best-loved adventures – from its black-and-white beginnings to the latest episodes, starring Jodie Whittaker.

Uncover the background to these memorable journeys and explore the greatest stories beyond the television series in this lavish publication, which is packed full of exclusive features and rare images.

This is Essential Doctor Who #15, Doctor Who Bookazine #19.

The latest Doctor Who Bookazine is on sale now at WH Smiths and all good newsagents, price £9.99.

PRICE £9.99
AVAILABLE Thursday 21st February 2019
AISN tbc
Issue  15
Pages 116
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Essential Doctor Who #15: Relative Dimensions

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