Spider-Man Magazine #366

On sale 24 October 2019, £4.99

Spidey finds out he ain’t the only spandex hero working the night shift. No-siree, ‘cos the PROWLER has got his six, and it’s a good job too! KINGPIN has bought himself some hired help in the form of the PUMA, and together they’re playing a dark tune of villainy on the streets of Manhattan! Will this terrible tag-team take down our heroes, or does the night belong to our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man and his awesome ally?!  

Did we forget to mention this is a POWER-PACKED GIFT ISSUE? With a Spidey Spinner Launcher and 26 foil stickers sparklin’ like the night’s stars, you got it made! 

Issue number: 366
Price: £3.99 
Covermount: Spidey Spinner Launcher and 26 foil stickers 
On Sale: 24th October 2019

Spider-Man Magazine #366 Cover Image